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About The Brand

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Commitment to Quality

At Eden Organics, we know that it is crucial to ensure that only the best ingredients are invited into sacred spaces like your home. Since we opened our doors in 2022, we have built a reputation for designing luxurious, nourishing and indulgent products. Our online store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit any budget.

Though we now ship to customers far and wide, our commitment to superior quality hasn’t changed. All of the items made in our Tampa studio are sourced, crafted and packaged with dedication and care, making them important elements of the ultimate self-care experience.
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Why Organic Oils?


The mission of Eden Organics is simple. We strive to keep our customers happy and healthy amidst the chaos of modern life. To do so, we design scent profiles that promote groundedness and well-being. We have crafted unique blends of natural plants, minerals and oils that originate from Africa, and West Indian islands. Each product helps to cater to your specific beauty and wellness needs.


While some of our products provide an energy boost, others contain soothing scents to help you wind down after a taxing day. Discover the artisanal touch that has made us who we are. Happy shopping, and may the Most High God bless you!

I started this business in light of my Father passing from cancer in December 2021. I wanted to make something healthy & beneficial. Something that would help us avoid outcomes like these. Illness and disease that are linked to the products we put on our hair and skin everyday and sold to us in our local grocery stores, markets, and beauty supply chains. Please know that it is my mission to personally source out only the BEST quality herbs, oils, butters, and ingredients for my hair and skin care products. To make sure that every package is made with love and appreciation for who its going to. Know that here at Eden Organics, we are for the people and all about caring for the people. Let us help you reach your hair and skincare goals, and keep you Growing & Glowing! Shalom Eden Family.

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